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Religious Education

Croftlands School
Religious Education is a distinctive but core part of the basic curriculum for maintained schools in England. Weekly lessons are planned using the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus. The subject is taught within class lessons and topics and, although of a broadly Christian nature, it is not distinctive to any denomination. Although Christianity is an important part of our heritage and culture, Hinduism and Judaism are also explored through the medium of religious festivals, people and writings. We believe that it is essential for children to learn about other faiths, people's attitudes and cultures in order that they acquire openmindedness and tolerance.

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YEAR A - RE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolWhat is Religion? Philosophy for Children. Christianity and Judaism – Rules and Moral code
Upper SchoolCreation - creation stories from different faiths & Rites of Passage – religious milestones
SPRINGLower SchoolA child’s life – Jewish and Christian, what life is like to live as part of a family following these religions.
Upper SchoolRE and the Environment & Easter - exploring the stories, rituals, customs & symbols in more depth.
SUMMERLower SchoolStories of the Old & New Testament - Christianity
Upper SchoolHow People Express Their Faith Through The Arts & Religious Pilgrimages

YEAR B - RE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolSpecial People in Christianity & Judaism
Upper SchoolBuddhism – Buddha’s Life and Teachings & Christianity - Gospels
SPRINGLower SchoolFestivals in Christianity and Judaism
Upper SchoolBuddhism – the key principles & Christianity – Christian Role Models
SUMMERLower SchoolWhat we can learn from stories shared by Christians, Jews and Muslims?
Upper SchoolComparing worship across religions and different Christian denominations