Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Personal, Social & Health Education
Croftlands School

During Key Stage 2 children learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas and as members of their communities. Because we strongly believe in the development of the whole child at Croftlands Junior School, great care is taken to provide support and learning opportunities as the children mature and develop as individuals. Every class has regular PSHE lessons following the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme. This focuses on five social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills. Croftlands School

The lessons help children develop skills such as understanding another’s point of view, working in a group, sticking at things when they get difficult, resolving conflict and managing worries. These lessons are supported by a weekly whole school assembly on a SEAL theme.
One of our Teaching Assistants, Mrs C Brown, is a trained SERIS (Social and Emotional Resilience in Schools) worker and is able to provide additional support for children in particular need when appropriate or necessary.
Mrs Brown is also a qualified Kidsafe tutor and delivers the Kidsafe programme to all of the Lower School classes annually.

YEAR A - PSHE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolNew Beginnings
Upper SchoolNew Beginnings & Rules and Responsibilities
SPRINGLower SchoolGetting on and Falling out & Kidsafe
Upper SchoolKeeping Healthy & Getting on and Falling out
SUMMERLower SchoolChanges
Upper SchoolCitizenship, Going for Goals & Community and Environment

YEAR B - PSHE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolClass Charter, It’s Good to Be Me & Short unit from “Global Literacy for a fairer world”
Upper SchoolRights and Responsibilities & Citizenship and Safety
SPRINGLower SchoolGetting on and Falling out & Kidsafe
Upper SchoolHealth & Responsibility – Flour babies
SUMMERLower SchoolGoing for Goals
Upper SchoolBuilding Bridges –Intergenerational Training Pack & Relationships