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Physical Education
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In 2017, the school achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award! Due to the fact we have had a new school building built, we were unable to apply for the School Games Award for the academic years 2017/18 and 2018/19. However, now that we are happily in our new building we can begin work to meet the criteria needed to achieve this award.
Each week during the Autumn and Spring terms the Lower School classes have two 40 minute PE sessions in school and a 30 minute swimming lesson and the Upper School classes have three 40 minute PE sessions. In the Summer term the Lower School have three PE sessions a week and the Upper School have two PE sessions in school and a 30 minute swimming lesson. In all lessons, for reasons of safety, cleanliness and personal hygiene, we insist that the children change into appropriate PE kit. The children gain experience in dance, swimming, outdoor games and adventurous activities, and gymnastics. School teams participate in local events and competitions. We have used our Sports funding to increase our participation in local events and competitions, to improve the skills of our class teachers and to provide expert coaching in some lessons.

There is a range of games taught throughout the four year groups which fall into the category of either net and wall, invasion or striking and fielding. The children are taught the fundamental skills and techniques of each, which are then used when playing in full games or matches. There is a clear progression of skills and activities. These games include football, tag rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, rounders and Kwik-cricket. During the Summer term, we teach athletics to all year groups as part of our preparation for our annual sports day.
Croftlands School
All year groups are taught dance and gymnastics every year following a progressive programme. During dance lessons children are asked to interpret and show an imaginative response to different stimuli and explore a range of performance dynamics. They either work individually, as a pair or within a small group. During gymnastics children are taught a range of skills such as balancing, jumping, travelling, following and creating sequences and also have the chance to use a range of small and large apparatus.

Sports Funding
At Croftlands Junior School we believe that our role is to promote engagement in sport; to encourage all of our children to engage in and enjoy sporting activity. We have revised our PE curriculum to encompass a wider range of sports and we are seeking to build links with local sports clubs. We have a very positive relationship with the PE department at Ulverston Victoria High School and we engage in as many inter-school activities as we can.

In 2019-20, we will continue to ensure that we are adequately resourced for our sporting activities and this will include the provision of sports kit. We are engaging with local sports clubs and coaches to work with our staff and children in a sustainable way to improve the skills of teachers and the learning experiences of the children with the ultimate aim of improving standards in PE. To view the break down and impact of our sports funding over the last 12 months
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YEAR A - PE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolFootball / Netball / Swimming / Circuit Training
Upper SchoolHockey - skills & game / Tag Rugby - skills & game / Gymnastics / Traditional Dance / Multi-skills / Handball – skills
SPRINGLower SchoolGymnastics / Dance / Swimming / Skipping
Upper SchoolKwik Cricket –skills and game / Netball – skills & game / Dance – narrative / Handball - games / OAA - Orienteering/ Gymnastics
SUMMERLower SchoolHockey / Dance / Tennis / Kwik Cricket / Athletics / Rounders -skills
Upper SchoolAthletics - running & track / Athletics - field / Swimming / Tennis

YEAR B - PE Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolBasket ball / Parachute skills / Multi-skills Swimming
Upper SchoolVolleyball-skills & game / Football -skills & game / Skipping / Fitness & Aerobics / Gymnastics / Badminton
SPRINGLower SchoolGymnastics / Dance Narrative / Swimming / Bocia
Upper SchoolKwik Cricket-skills & game / Dance Around the World / Basketball -skills & game / Tri Golf / Dance / Physical Enterprise Challenge
SUMMERLower SchoolTag Rugby / Problem Solving / Catch ball, scatter ball & skittle ball / Tri Golf / Athletics
Upper SchoolTournaments - intra-school competition (Volleyball, badminton, basketball & kwik cricket) / Swimming / Rounders - skills & game