Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
School Governors

Governors are among the people legally responsible for the efficient running and well-being of the school.

The Governors of Croftlands Junior School discharge their duties by holding two meetings per term so that they can assure themselves that both the educational process and the building are functioning properly. The Headteacher submits regular reports at these meetings, outlining the significant developments in the life of the school.

The Governing Body is also divided into committees that deal with Premises, Health and Safety, Curriculum and Standards, Finance and Staffing and Community and Welfare. These committees meet during the year and report to meetings of the full Governing Body.

As at September 2017

    Committee Membership
LA Professor Andrew G Renwick OBE Finance & Staffing (Chair) and Premises, Health & Safety
Parent Governors Miss Louise Shaw (Chair of Governors) Finance & Staffing
Dr Alison Jeschke Community & Welfare
Dr Michael Jeschke Curriculum & Standards
Mrs Yvonne Westwell Community & Welfare
Staff Governors Miss Cathy Styles All committees except Appraisal
Mrs Dianne McMillan Community & Welfare (Chair)
Co-opted Governors Mr John Shakeshaft (Vice Chair of Governors) Premises, Health & Safety (Chair) and Safeguarding
Vacancy Premises, Health & Safety
Ms Helen Robinson Finance & Staffing and Curriculum & Standards
Mrs Pat Robinson Curriculum & Standards
Mrs Pat Callison Community & Welfare and Attendance governor
Clerk to the Governors Miss Vanessa O'Brien