Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Croftlands School
Croftlands Junior School recognises the fact that numeracy is a key life skill and that a secure grounding in Mathematics is fundamental to the successful overall development of each child.
During daily lessons, we encourage pupils to discuss all aspects of their work to help secure understanding and consolidate learning. Ability setting is currently used for Mathematics throughout the school, allowing the pace of learning to be adjusted to suit the learning needs of the children. Practical experience, using a variety of resources, is included at all levels, as seeing mathematics in a concrete form is vital to conceptual development. Lots of opportunities are provided for investigation and problem-solving work, as well as ensuring that mathematics is linked to the real world wherever possible. We agree short-term mathematics targets with the children and encourage them to become involved with their learning and progression. All children’s progress is continually assessed, so that appropriate challenge and support is included at the right level and at the right times, to enable all children to move forward with their learning.

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