Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Links With Other Schools

Croftlands Infant School Croftlands School
During the year there is an increasing variety of activities that both schools undertake together. We work with the staff of the Infant School to try to link the curriculum of both schools in order to ease a smooth transition between Year 2 in the Infant School, and Year 3, the first year in the Junior School. In recent years the schools have undertaken joint poetry and arts projects, culminating in presentations to parents.

Ulverston Victoria High School
As part of the Ulverston Victoria High School Primary Hub, our school has an ongoing and extensive programme of liaison with the local secondary school. Children in different year groups have the opportunity to take part in special events and activities organised by Ulverston Victoria High School (UVHS).

A series of events takes place throughout Year 6. These allow for a considerable number of visits by pupils to UVHS, either with their class teacher or with their families. It also allows for UVHS staff to visit us to get to know the children who are transferring and for our staff to visit UVHS. The Year 6 children with a place at UVHS attend the High School for two days in the Summer term as part of the induction process. Croftlands School

With other local Secondary Schools

We welcome links with other secondary schools in the area and members of staff from those schools do visit to talk to the children about the opportunities their schools can offer. Children with places at those schools have the opportunity to attend induction days in the Summer term.