Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Jewellery, Valuables & Toys


For Health and Safety reasons, no jewellery other than a watch and one pair of ear studs is allowed; no bracelets, necklaces or rings should be worn at any time (this includes charity bands and sweat bands) and no other body piercing. In exceptional circumstances e.g. religious practice, a letter should be sent to the Headteacher. The Local Authority guidance on jewellery states that no article of jewellery should be worn during any PE or swimming lesson and school requests that children should not wear earrings to school unless they are able to remove them themselves.


As we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage, it would be appreciated if your child did not bring items of value to school.
Also, each week, the children bring money to school for dinners, swimming etc. In order that this money does not get mislaid, could you try to ensure that any money brought to school comes in either a purse or in a sealed, named envelope.
Mobile 'phones should not be brought to school. In exceptional cases they should be handed in at the office at the beginning of the day, where they will be kept secure, and collected again at the end of the day.


Whereas small toys brought in the early days may be reassuring, I am sure you will appreciate that with our limited space, the fewer the better. We are unable to accept any responsibility for damage or loss.