Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Croftlands School
Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, at least one networked computer and internet access. The school has a fully networked computer suite with 32 computers that was opened in January 2011. As well as the ICT suite, Croftlands Juniors also has a bank of 18 laptops available to support work in other areas of the curriculum. In addition, we have a number of laptops dedicated to support those children with Special Educational Needs and enable them to access the curriculum.

Children receive at least one designated Computing lesson a week in the computer suite where they learn computer programming skills using a range of software to cover the objectives on the new National Curriculum. The use of ICT is also embedded in all other areas of the curriculum. This allows the children to understand the benefits of using ICT in a variety of ways, from taking digital photographs of their art work to recording a piece of drama during literacy.

Planning is constantly reviewed to ensure that lessons meet the needs of the children. With the rapid development of technology, children have more and more access to computers at home and we work hard to improve their skills.

Also, within school, the children are able to use a variety of other ICT resources such as digital cameras and camcorders, microphones, roamers and data loggers. This equipment is used to enrich the children’s learning and prepare them for the rapidly changing way of life in the 21st Century.
Croftlands School
A range of software is used in the school and we subscribe to Espresso Primary, a huge library of cross-curricular interactive digital resources for use in the classroom at Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Our internet service provider is the service used by all Cumbrian schools, CLEO Broadband. It operates a filtering system to restrict access to inappropriate materials. All staff, pupils and parents are asked to sign our Acceptable Use Policy agreeing that school guidelines and policy will be followed at all times.

Click this link to view our Pupil Acceptable Use of ICT Policy.

We have a
school website and, in 2014 we established our DB Primary Platform. This is a school based network that enables children to access homework, blog, message one another and engage in discussion forums within a safe, monitored environment.

YEAR A - Computing Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolIntroduction to word processing and Power Point – cross curricular
Upper SchooliProgram – Unit 2: Scratch & Moviemaker- linked to Literacy & Music
SPRINGLower SchooliAlgorithm Unit 5 & iProgram - Unit 2: Scratch
Upper SchooliAlgorithm – Unit 3: Computer Science Unplugged & iNetwork – Unit 4: Microsoft Word
SUMMERLower SchoolComic Life: creating comic strips & Branching databases
Upper SchooliWeb – Unit 4: Google Chrome & Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles & Spreadsheets

YEAR B - Computing Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolIntroduction to word processing and Powerpoint - cross curricular
Upper SchooliProgram – Unit 3: Kodu & Powerpoint – cross curricular linked with Topic or Literacy
SPRINGLower SchooliSafe – Unit 3 & iConnect - Unit 4
Upper SchooliApp– Unit 5: MIT App Inventor & Stop-motion animation
SUMMERLower SchooliProgram – Unit 2, Turtle art & Email
Upper SchooliProgram – Unit 2: Scratch & Comic Life – comic strips linked to Topic, Summer Production or other lessons