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Most of our History work is taught as a class topic with cross-curricular themes. The children are provided with opportunities to investigate a range of historical sources including pictures, artefacts, fieldwork, buildings, site visits and museum reconstructions. This enables them to recognise the importance of evidence in piecing together knowledge of the past. Children are also encouraged to consider history from different perspectives i.e. the lives of the rich & poor, settled people and invaders, rulers and citizens.

Wherever possible they will learn about history by looking at the local area, the changes that have taken place over time and the effect this has had on the local environment and the economy.

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YEAR A - History Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolThe Ancient Egyptians
Upper SchoolThe Ancient Greeks
SPRINGLower SchoolThe Industrial Revolution and its impact on our local area
Upper SchoolNot taught this term
SUMMERLower SchoolNot taught this term
Upper SchoolNot taught this term

YEAR B - History Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolNot taught this term
Upper SchoolThe Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain including the legacy of Roman culture
SPRINGLower SchoolChanges in Britain from the Stone age to the Iron Age
Upper SchoolInvaders and Settlers –Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots; the Viking & Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor
SUMMERLower SchoolNot taught this term
Upper SchoolNot taught this term