Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Explanatory Notes

[These notes are part of the policy]

Note 1 A child looked after is a child in public care, who is looked after by a local authority within the meaning of Section 22 of the Children Act 1989. Children previously looked after are children who were looked after, but have ceased to be so because they were adopted (under the terms of the Adoption and Children Act 2002) or became subject to a Child Arrangements Order or Special Guardianship Order (Children Act 1989).

Note 2 In criteria 2, 3 and 6, priority will be given to those children with the youngest siblings. Brothers and sisters are those living at the same address and includes step and foster children. Priority will only be given where it is known at the time of allocating places that a sibling will be attending the school [excluding a nursery class] at the time of admission.

Note 3 Where reference is made to ‘associated’ infant and junior schools this is to describe those situations where infant and junior schools share the same catchment area.

Note 4 If parents or carers believe they qualify for consideration under criterion 3, they should indicate this on their preference form in the place provided for this purpose.

Note 5 To be considered under criteria 4 or 7 parents or carers must provide proof with the completed form that they regularly attend a church in membership of Churches Together in Britain or the Evangelical Alliance. ‘Regular’ is defined as at least twice a month. Attendance may be at more than one church but should be for at least two years prior to the application date.

In criteria 4 or 7 applications will be prioritised using the distance measurement methodology set out at Note 6 below, with those living closest to the school measured by the shortest straight line distance given priority.

Note 6 Distance measurements will be undertaken using the Local Authority’s computerised Geographical Information System [GIS]. This measures a straight-line measure between the centre of the pupil’s home address and the main entrance to the school building as determined by the LA in conjunction with the Headteacher at the time the determination was made.