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7th Jan-29th Mar
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Exhibition at the Coronation Hall
Written by Miss C R Styles
Created Tuesday, 31st July 2018 14:54:19

Croftlands children have been working with two artists over the last term and the culmination of their work goes on display at the Coronation Hall until 9th August. If you have a moment, do try to take a look!


Last Updated on Tuesday, 31st July 2018 14:58:04

Staff visit
Written by Miss C R Styles
Created Thursday, 21st June 2018 12:15:19

Some of the staff have had a chance to look around the new school and check out their classrooms.

Our new D&T/Art/Science/Cookery room which looks really spacious.

Some of the classrooms already have their cupboards and wall sockets.

All of the classrooms are on a long corridor. Mrs Marshall thinks she will get some good exercise when she takes messages, or perhaps get a segway!

Last Updated on Thursday, 21st June 2018 15:26:57

It's arrived!
Written by Miss C R Styles
Created Monday, 4th June 2018 16:08:04

Our new building has started to arrive. The sections will be installed over the next few days.

A very big crane is being used to put everything in the right place.

This is the part of the new servery for the kitchen.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21st June 2018 12:14:59

Our New School!
Written by Miss Cathy Styles
Created Friday, 25th May 2018 16:08:57

The contractors are making excellent progress with the building. The steelwork for the school hall is now up and the rest of the building has been constructed off site at the factory just outside Bridlington. Some of the School Council went to visit at the start of May and we were able to stand in the classrooms! When we return after half term, Elliott will start to bring the building over in sections. The entire building is expected to be constructed by the middle of June. The contractors will then start fitting the building out and completing the fascias and external finishes. We are still expecting to move in after half term in the autumn.

One of our new classrooms

The main corridor

The office reception and entrance hall

Last Updated on Monday, 4th June 2018 16:17:31

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