Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Design & Technology
Croftlands School
Design & Technology is taught throughout the school. Links with other subjects are exploited, particularly in science. Each class has access to a variety of materials and tools and great emphasis is placed on safety when working within this subject. Children carry out their own investigations working alone, in groups or as a class. Having researched their project, they endeavour to produce a finished product having improved its design and completed an evaluation of their work.

Where appropriate, ICT is used to support children in their investigation of products and their design.


YEAR A - DT Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolElectrical Game using lights, buzzers and switches - linked with Science
Upper SchoolInvestigating Structures - making a model Parthenon - linked with Topic
SPRINGLower SchoolDesign and make a jam tart
Upper SchoolInvestigating, Designing and Making Paper Mechanisms - Pop-Up Book
SUMMERLower SchoolLanterns for the Lantern procession - design, make and evaluate
Upper SchoolAerodynamics: Water-powered Rockets - link with Science. Making, testing and comparing different prototype designs; Year 6 Food technology at UVHS

YEAR B - DT Curriculum Topics
AUTUMNLower SchoolFood technology - design, make & evaluate a cupcake for the Christmas party
Upper SchoolFood technology - Bread - Linked to Topic
SPRINGLower SchoolMechanisms & control - design & make a puppet
Upper SchoolCams, gears & pulleys - Moving Toys
SUMMERLower SchoolDesign, make and evaluate an item to display photographs
Upper SchoolTextiles - Kites; Year 6 Food technology at UVHS