Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Curriculum Overview

Croftlands School

Our curriculum strives to ensure breadth and balance whilst fulfilling the requirements of the existing National Curriculum. It has recently been revised, following the implementation of a new National Curriculum in September 2014. In addition to the National Curriculum subjects, we also teach PHSE and Citizenship. While coverage of the National Curriculum forms an essential and statutory part of our work, our aims still consider the all-round development of our children. To more adequately prepare our children for the 21st century world in which they live, we are developing a more skills-based approach, placing considerable emphasis on moral, social, physical and aesthetic development as well as academic progress. Much of this is outlined in our SMSC curriculum.
Our curriculum is organised on a two year cycle (Year A and Year B) to ensure that children in mixed age classes do not repeat topics. Cross-curricular links are identified where possible and practicable.