Croftlands Junior School Ulverston
Breakfast and After School Club

Croftlands SchoolBreakfast and After school clubs are run by the school and they provide care for pupils who attend Croftlands Junior School.
Due to our COVID-19 precautions, places are limited this year and must be booked by Friday of the preceding week

The Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am to 8.45am each day during term time and at the end of each session the children are sent directly to their classroom. Places can be booked from 7:30am but only by prior arrangement.
The After School Club is open until 5.30pm but can be booked until 6:00pm by prior arrangement.
Parents do need to register for Breakfast and/or After School Club and sign a parental agreement.

Please Click Here to download the agreement.

Please Click Here to download the registration form.

Payment for sessions should be made in advance. Please contact the school office for further details. The school aims to be flexible in its arrangements and sessions can be booked via LunchShop or through the school office on 01229 585211 or

Please Click Here to download the booking form. This is only needed if not using Lunch Shop.

In addition, during the year, a varied programme of activities is usually available to pupils at lunchtime and after school.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most of these activities have been suspended.

Children with an interest in music can join the guitar club, choir or, when we have sufficient brass players, the brass band. During the year, we run an art club, Lego club, gardening club and a chess club, while sports such as football, netball, cricket, tennis, rugby, dance, rounders and athletics are available at different times of the year. Other activities and clubs are offered when the skills or the staff are available. In 2011, our Weekend Walking Group was started for children in Year 5 & 6 and various expeditions take place in the Lake District fells throughout the year.

Croftlands SchoolCroftlands Junior School has close links with Ulverston Victoria High School and a variety of musical instrument lessons are offered on their site after school and some of our more proficient children play in their Wind Band. In addition there are a number of their clubs, such as the Maths & Science club, available to our children at various times in the year. The school works closely with other agencies such as health, social services, educational welfare to ensure swift and easy referral for pupils needing additional support.